iOS 14 Resets Defaults When Updating Apps

Apple continues to have trouble with its new default app settings in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. It was discovered, initially, that a restart would flip the defaults for email and web browser back to Apple’s own apps. This was after the initial launch. iOS 14 resets defaults on a simple restart. Fortunately, the company quickly patched that issue.

But now it appears whenever you update your chosen default app in the App Store, it switches defaults. Meaning, if you have Gmail and Forefox as your defaults, it will switch to Mail and Safari when updated.  Credit to David Clarke for the warning. It remains present as of the iOS 14.1 update that was just released yesterday.

It’s possible Apple will fix this in the release of iOS 14.2, which remains in beta. Having to reselect Gmail or Outlook as your default email app every time they update is annoying. I began noticing it recently when Twitter articles would open in Safari. However, if you remove the ‘Mail’ app, that remains as your default. That is what I have done. After Gmail’s update the other day, my mail app remained as default.

This seems very familiar to me

This reminded me of the issue with Android. Android allowed users to make room on their device with the internal SD card. However, when one would update the app, you would have to go back and move the app again. This required many people to repeat this action once a week.

Now, iOS resets defaults are a bit different. But, the annoying repetitive aspect is still the same. Again, you can delete the Apple’s ‘Mail’ app, which would prevent the change. However, Apple doesn’t allow you to remove ‘Safari’. That becomes more annoying than anything.

Also, Google doesn’t make it any better. If you use Firefox on your iPhone and try to open a link in Gmail – it only gives you Chrome or Safari as your options. Can Google get on that as well.