iPhone Battery Case Replacements Offered

Did you ever get one of those nifty iPhone battery case? The ones that attach to your phone and keep that bad boy charged so you’re not looking for a plug to charge. Well, recently some consumers have been complaining about the cases failing to charge the device at all, or in some instances not even taking the charge. Apple is replacing those cases for free.

Apple has launched a new replacement program for its iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR smart battery cases, after charging issues were discovered in some devices. If your model is affected, then Apple or one of its authorized service providers will replace it free of charge. The cool thing about the replacement is that it is covered for two-years after the replacement.

According to Apple, the affected models were manufactured between January and October 2019 (the cases were announced in January). If you want to take advantage of the program, then Apple says you’ll need to take it into an authorized service provider or an Apple store, where it will be examined to make sure it’s eligible.

The devices were pretty nifty, considering many Android manufacturers had developed their version about six years ago. Although, it is interesting that they resort to these devices instead of working on prolonged battery life rather than a camera that can take an extra megapixel with each incarnation. Or, bring back the switching battery feature. God, I missed that.

In any instance (I worked hard to not use the word “case”), it is best to make an appointment with an Apple Store to have your case checked out. Don’t let this steer you away from those cases, to me, they are a solid idea. And, Apple is taking care of you, which is always nice to know. Or, just buy a portable battery charger.

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