Is Call Of Duty Losing Steam?


In light of Gamasutra’s claiming that the Call of Duty franchise is in trouble, I think something needs to be said about the game Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3. I do think that people are using their gaming consoles for various other things rather than gaming, but I think people need to look at the two games and what they offered to their fan base and the non-fan base.

Black Ops became the biggest selling game of the entire franchise and that was going to make Activision hard pressed to compete with this title. The game is trailing by 4.2% behind Black Ops. That seems to be an event of making a mountain out of an ant hill. That is less than 5%, which is phenomenal against a game that sold over $360 million in its first day.

Remember back in 2010, prior to the release of Black Ops, analysts had doomed Black Ops to fall behind in sales of Modern Warfare 2. We all know how history played out. However, Activision usually likes to beat every ounce of life out of a property, remember Rock Band, will do the same thing to this franchise as they have done to others.

However the game is different from its Modern Warfare predecessor. Dealing with a single storyline, you have zombie DLC for the game and with Modern Warfare 3 it offers fans more of the same from its previous two incarnations. Will sales match the original when Black Ops 2 does make its debut? Odds are that it most likely won’t.

It is easy to blame Netflix, Hulu and the various other streaming services for the demise of video game sales, much like blaming Amazon for the fall of Best Buy. However, the content of videogames out there is similar before the crash of games in the late eighties. Not to say that we will suffer that major of a crash but I think that giving fans a variety in FPS is key to success. Offering more of the same is fun for two installments, but it gets old after the second one. Just ask fans of The Hangover 2.

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