Its Confirmed, New Tomb Raider will Feature Multiplayer


While Tomb Raider of old had always been a singular experience it seems the guys and gals over at Crystal Dynamics have put together a whole new way of raiding tombs. The upcoming reboot of Tomb Raider will feature multiplayer as well as singleplayer says Crystal Dynamics Global Brand Director Karl Stewart over Twitter.

“OK, so after all the speculation..yes it’s… Check out @OXM for all the info on @tombraider’s new multiplayer”

There has been no update past that other than their will be more information in the soon to be released issue of Official Xbox Magazine. So this is more of an update hat is letting you know there is going to be an update soon which is pretty common for a high-profile game like this. The new details will be on “new modes and info on who you’ll play as.” It’s nice to know that we will get to play as more than one character though, even though that was to be expected, it would have been strange having two lara’s running around.

Personally I can’t wait until this game comes out and the more I hear about it the more I get excited. I was a big fan of the original series and can’t wait to see this updated and far more realistic Lara kick some serious ass. People in the industry are already making predictions, or wishful thinking anyway. Nick Chester, Harmonix publicist and former editor in chief of Destructoid, made a stern claims on Twitter when he said “If Raziel isn’t a playable character on a Nosgoth map in Tomb Raider multiplayer, I’m canceling my pre-order.” I completely agree with Mr. Chester.

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