James Gunn Reinstated As Guardians 3 Director

After months of outrage from fans, and people that know better, Disney has reversed course and reinstated James Gunn as writer-director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Deadline says that they have confirmed the news with Marvel and Gunn’s camp. Talk about the best way to jump into your weekend.

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Last year, Disney fired Gunn after an alt-right bloggers (I refused to use the word “journalist”) when they dug up decades old tweets that made light of pedophilia and rape. Gunn himself took blame for those tweets, unlike celebrities like Rosanne Barr and Kevin Hart, and credited those tweets for trying to be a provocateur. Keep in mind that social media was a different place ten years ago.

Hell, they are different just three years ago.

Since then, Gunn has signed on with Warner Bros. to write and direct Suicide Squad 2. According to the report, Gunn will pick up directorial duties once he completes production on Suicide Squad 2. It was speculated that the exposure of Gunn’s old tweets were designed to retaliate against his opposition of President Trump and the recent firing of Rosanne Barr.

One thing that seemed odd to me was that Disney has not met with any new directors for the project. Not to mention that Marvel and Disney postponed the film indefinitely. Normally when Marvel releases a director, they are quick to grab a replacement and start production rather soon. Just look at Thor: The Dark World. Or, maybe Marvel learned their lesson after that low-point.

My thought process is this: Disney had to fire Gunn. They didn’t want to, but they had to for PR purposes. At the time, Disney was getting a lot of blowback for their firing of Barr, their war with the Los Angeles Times, and Bernie Sanders claiming they needed to offer their employees a living wage. However, they probably said that they would bring him back once everything died down. Hence, why the movie was pushed back with no release date.

With the release of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame on the horizon, James Gunn reinstated would be taken well by the fanbase. Personally, he never deserved to be fired. People that reflect their views (both conservative and liberal) fall on the “people can change” idea. Yet, if they place it on social media, this must be their true selves. I think people need to calm down on this faux outrage and look at the stuff that demand real outrage. Like the remake of Pet Semetary. I mean, really?

Updated: Included James Gunn’s confirmation Instagram post.

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