Jeremy Renner Hawkeye Series In The Works

Since his breakout role in The Hurt Locker, Jeremy Renner has seen his stock rise in the film industry. Unfortunately, he hasn’t seen much in the way of stock in the Marvel films. Wasting his character in the original Avengers movie. Fleshed out his character in the second installment, but was MIA during Infinity War. As we know, he is a Ronin in the upcoming Endgame, it seems Disney is going to give him a feature status on their streaming service.

A limited series is being developed by Disney for Renner’s Hawkeye character. According to the report, the project will feature Clint Barton and his daughter, Kate Bishop, in a series of adventures and will serve as a passing of the torch type of story. Which makes a lot of sense. It would seem that Jeremy Renner is probably ready to move on, since he didn’t have much of a character in the films.

Online speculation is swirling around Disney possibly putting together a Young Avengers team. That could be possible, but I seriously doubt it will be part of the film slate. Most likely, it will become a series on the Disney+ service for young fans.

I hope it’s that costume.

As one expected, Marvel, Disney, and Renner’s representatives have not had comment on this. As was previously reported, Disney isn’t confirming anything in their slate until after the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. The sequel will be the first film after the events of Endgame. There are tons of things that are out there about upcoming originals and sequels in films and a half-dozen series in the works for their streaming service.

On the speculative side, there must be something in Spider-Man: Far From Home that will set the direction for the next phase. Marvel choosing until after that film to reveal anything seems odd. Most people would’ve expected something after Endgame, especially since there is three months between them. We will just have to wait and see.

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