The Lazy Geeks #284: Includes Copy of Unity

After surviving the rains in California, Steven and Adam discuss some of the big news stories of the past week. DC Films tries to lessen the amount of cooks in the kitchen, while Jumanji is still killing it in the box office. Ubisoft is remastering an Assassin’s Creed title, while Brian Michael Bendis gives Marvel fans a real treat. DC Comics appears to be looking at a series of more ethnically-diverse characters in their universe.


The Supreme Court is going to revisit a tax bill that could cost people more money for ordering things online, and the GameBoy may be making a comeback. With all of that, Google has some explaining to do with the recent actions of Logan Paul on YouTube. After nine days of silence, YouTube finally released a statement but takes no responsibility for the climate they created. Do you think YouTube should own up to their ad-driven culture?


Here are the links for this week:

Opening Topic:

The rains down in California



Steven: DC Films Shuffle Leads to Fewer Cooks

Adam: Jumanji is Killing It in the Box Office



Steven: Assassin’s Creed Rogue Gets a Remaster

Adam: New Xbox Achievement System May Get Interesting



Steven: Marvel’s Ultimate Universe Returns

Adam: The Other History of the DC Universe



Steven: Supreme Court to Revisit Internet Tax

Adam: Hyperkin is Bringing the GameBoy Back


Main Story:

YouTube, PewDiePie, Logan Paul and the Culture it Created


What the Actual Fuck! (WTAF):

Steven: Worse Kind of Person Ever

Adam: That’s One Serious Beer Run



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