The Lazy Geeks Rewind: 2010 Lazy Geeks Awards

As 2010 comes to an end, why look back on this horrible year. Why not look back on 2010? Yeah, we know that was seven years ago, but it had to have been better than this year. Since we dropped our Christmas rewind on Monday, we needed to drop The Lazy Geeks Rewind on Friday. It only seemed fair. Today, we release the 2010 Lazy Geeks Awards. Our one and only time that we thought an award show was a good idea.


You may remember from a rewind back in September, Adam was sick as a dog. Well, he is still sick now. So you better enjoy it. A new Lazy Geeks podcast Rewind will drop on Monday, but our finale to Just Another Podcast (all-new) will drop on Friday. So be there or be square.

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