The Lazy Geeks Rewind: The Lazy Geeks First Episode

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The Lazy Geeks’ Summer Rewind has begun! Starting off the month vacation, they are bringing you their very first episode. The first podcast that they spoke about in episode #200 but now you get to hear their views at the time. Everything from the announcement of the post-conversion of all 6 Star Wars movies and their original douchebags of the week. They had more than one! So sit back in the time machine and check out their first show, not to mention Steven and Adam introduce the episode. Enjoy!


Shownotes: (Originally aired in October 2010)

Star Wars re-release of all 6 films but with 3D conversion. Starting in 2012, Lucas will release each film, starting with Phantom Menace, every year in a 3D conversion.

Renaming the Taliban to opposing forces in the new Metal of Honor game. Also even with the rename the military has stated they will still not carry the game in on base stores.

Proposition 19 on the November ballot. This proposition will make it legal in the state for people, 21 and older, to possess, cultivate, and transport pot for personal use.

4.66% of All Windows Users Still Use Windows XP.  Almost One year after the introduction of Windows 7, most Windows users still use Windows XP

Zack Snyder directing Superman.

Panasonic Jungle. A new handheld gaming device geared towards mmo players.

Bullying. There is enough blame to go around on this topic. Parents need to understand that teen pressures are more profound for them, given their rise in hormonal levels; school administrators to understand that when someone is complaining of bullying, they need to take a more active level instead of punishing the person that stands up for themselves; students need to understand that even though they feel insecure about themselves and pick on other people just to feel better about themselves, that there are ramifications to their actions; the victim needs to be spoken with and told that life will get better. Things always seem bad now, but it will get better.

Windows 7 Mobile. Microsoft is eager to get back into the smart phone game with this new mobile OS.

DC Not Doing A Justice League film. DC has announced that they will not do a Justice League movie, but will release a comic movie twice a year. Taking a pot shot at Marvel, Geoff Johns says that “DC’s characters are bigger than Marvel’s”.

Teenager Rant. Discussing my experience with teenagers.


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  1. you gotta post links to the skits you did as well as Adam singing the 12 days of X-Mas.

    here is a little gem for you guys:

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