Marvel Pushes Inhuman #1 From January To April


One of the new highly-anticipated comics to debut in 2014 was Marvel Comics’ new ongoing series Inhuman, which was to pick up after the recently concluded series Infinity. The comic was originally slated to hit stores on January with the second issue following up in February. However, it seems things have changed.

Originally reported by Bleeding Cool and confirmed by CBR, it seems that Marvel has postponed the arrival of the first issue until April and May respectively. According to reports, it seems that Marvel has cancelled all order for both issue #1 and #2 and will be re-solicited in the Preview catalogs for February and March.

Inhuman, from the high-profile creative team of writer Matt Fraction and artist Joe Madureira, has been promoted as an ongoing series dealing directly with the new “Inhumanity” status quo — thousands of latent Inhumans seeing their powers suddenly activated as a result of the Terrigen Bomb explosion depicted in freshly wrapped Marvel event series Infinity.

The comic was originally announced back in July and was one of the basis that Fraction left his highly-successful Fantastic Four and FF comics.

A Inhumanity one-shot, which was written by Fraction and artwork by Oliver Coipel, is still slated to hit retailers this Wednesday, December 4th.

No official reason for the delay was given, as Marvel is closed for the Thanksgiving weekend. It is curious that they would delay the comic until late spring, which means there could be something with another event that Marvel usually has coming out at that time. We will wait to see what they say.


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