Microsoft is Forcing Edge on Users in November

How do you get stalwarts to start using something new? Like people that continue to use Windows 7 instead of 10. People still use Internet Explorer. I know, I can’t believe it either. Microsoft may have found a way to get people to start using Edge, according to ZDNet. It appears that Microsoft is forcing Edge on people. To be honest, it should.

Internet Explorer users won’t be able to access some 1,156 websites. That’s when Microsoft releases the next version of its Edge browser, currently slated to come out sometime in November. Site include YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and ESPN. Instead, they’ll be promoted to continue by using Microsoft’s Chromium-based browser.

This is how it will happen

The list is held on a DLL file Microsoft has been adding to Edge installations over the summer. IE loads the file through a plugin. Which then monitors what websites you’re visiting through the browser. When you navigate to one that Microsoft would prefer you not visit through IE, you’ll see the following support page.

“You’ve been redirected to Microsoft Edge where you can continue your browsing uninterrupted,” the company says on the page. “If you come across a site that needs Internet Explorer, you can load that site in Internet Explorer mode without ever leaving Microsoft Edge.”

It’s been four years after Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10. You might wonder who the hell still uses IE? Unfortunately, like older versions of Android, there’s still a small but sizeable contingent of people who continue to use it. Might as well be using Netscape Navigator.

According to StatCounter, as of September 2020, IE has a 1.19 percent share of the worldwide browser market. This IE behavior is part of Microsoft’s plan to deprecate the browser finally. As always, IT administrators will have some say in the matter. But short of not having Edge installed on their PC, there’s little way for consumers to avoid the move.