Microsoft Recommends To Upgrade To Windows 7, Not 8


If any of you have worked for a big company, you all know that their OS is usually one or two OS’ behind what you are using at home. When I worked for my last company, they were running XP and Office 2003 on all their systems, while I was running Windows 7 and Office 2010 on my personal computer. Now, that we have Windows 8 coming, it seems that Microsoft doesn’t want people to wait for Windows 8 to make the switch.

Many in the IT world will tell you that most companies get those OS programs for really cheap, but it depends on two factors which dictate whether to upgrade or not: (one) whether the company wants to pay for something new, or (two) the IT department doesn’t want to train everyone on the new OS.

Microsoft is releasing Windows 8, tentatively at the end of 2012, but Windows don’t want companies to wait for that. XP updates will end in 2014 and everyone knows that malware designers are waiting for that day because they know all the security loopholes won’t be fixed after that.

Now, XP is still one of the most heavily used Operating Systems on the market, and after the disaster that was Vista, most people stayed with XP. However, Windows 7 runs like a dream, but there are still people that will run that OS after the 2014 deadline.

Some people are claiming that having businesses run on Windows 7 before Windows 8 is released is a way for them to make more money. The narrow-minded people would say that, but they truly have no idea what they are talking about. Companies change over operating systems like many people change banks. It is a major hassle and no one wants to do it.

Not to mention that Windows 8 is very experimental and is heavily designed for touchscreen computers, but mostly designed for tablets, it makes sense that many people will stay with Windows 7 as their primarily choice for an OS.

Most claim that it takes nearly a year, sometimes more, to get a company updated in the OS department; it seems that Microsoft is going to support Windows 7 for quite some time. If we can get ten years out of this OS, I will be happy. Then we can skip past 8 and see what the improved Windows 9 OS looks like.

In the end, Microsoft isn’t stupid and they know by recommending companies go to Windows 7 will be locking those companies for a long time on that OS. Microsoft doesn’t make much money on the company side; they make money on the idiots that rush out to get the new OS because they have to see the latest and greatest. Those are the idiots they prey on.

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