Microsoft’s Windows XP Still Top OS


With the debut of Windows 8 expected to be released sometime this year, it would seem that many people are still holding on to their decade old operating system Windows XP instead of upgrading to their current Windows 7. According to a new figures conducted by NetApplications, it seems that Windows XP still dominates the market.

For the month of January, Windows XP grabbed 47.19 percent of all OS users, a small climb from 46.5 percent in December. At the same time, Windows 7 saw its market share dip to 36.4 percent from almost 37 percent the previous month. This may mean nothing since we are talking about fractions of a percent. However, this poses a bigger problem for Microsoft.

Many people that had such a bad taste from their intermediate OS, also know as Voldermort Windows Vista, many people either returned to XP or stayed with XP until something came out after, like 7. These figures don’t account for what percentage of users are personal or companies. Many people are going to be running out of time as updates for XP will be stopped in April of 2014.

For individual users, this isn’t a big deal. They can wait until the very last minute, but for companies their time is dwindling away. They need nearly a year to get their entire system ready for the switch, training employees and get IT set to handle the new OS. My forecast will be that as we get closer to the date for XP’s demise, we will see a bump in Windows 7 usage, but who knows what will happen when Windows 8 comes around.

As we have seen from Microsoft, Windows 8 will have no advantages to anyone that still uses a PC or laptop, so I see no need to jump up to Windows 8. If you have a touchscreen PC or tablet, they you will see its advantages. Even prior to the Beta launch announcement, Microsoft said itself that you can switch the operating system that will allow it to work for regular PCs or laptops. If that is the case, why not just stay on Windows 7?

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  1. Microsoft is an idiot. Windows XP is by far the best operating system ever developed. All Microsoft had to do is rename the next windows OS say Windows XP 1, XP 2, and so on. That way people are more inclined, and not be afraid to upgrade to the new OS, since Windows XP had already build an astonishing reputation around the world. Just like Apple’s Mac OS, it’s Mac OS 1, OS 2, etc.

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