Minecraft Lost in Translation, Racist Slur Used on Main Menu Screen


A couple days ago a snapshot build of Minecraft using the Afrikaan translation had an offense surprise with “You are a NIGGER” where Single Player should be. Brilliant.

Head developer Jens Bergensten apologized for the mishap blaming the offense phrase on a “prankster” working with the large amount of volunteers translating the game into the Afrikaan language. One of his tweets reads “Sorry about that =( I thought I had banned that user.”

There really isn’t much more to say other than to express distain for two reason. First off here at the Lazy Geeks racism is considered one of the most moronic parts of human society. Second is the use of the most over used racist slur in existence. I mean really, at least put some thought into it. Putting the word NIGGER in all caps makes it even more irrelevant. If you set out to offend people it works better when you don’t make yourself look like an enormous tool in the process.

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