Morbius Teaser Trailer

After the love affair with DC fizzled, Jared Leto moved off to Sony to take on a Marvel property. Cast as the star of the Morbius, a film adaptation of the Marvel property regarding the living vampire. Even though the character was created back in 1971, it is difficult to know if fans will rush to check out the next Sony Spider-Man rogue without Marvel behind the project. Sony releases the Morbius teaser trailer.

The Morbius teaser trailer seems to go along with the original origin story to a point. One of the biggest takeaways is the Spider-Man imagery in the background and the surprise appearance of Micheal Keaton, reprising his role from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

While Marvel went through great lengths to make Morbius an anti-hero, like The Punisher, but is it possible that Sony is re-thinking of reviving their Sinister Six idea. The original concept died after the failed performance of Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the reboot with Marvel’s help. Now, it begs the question that with the new Marvel-Sony deal, are Sony allowed to use MCU version of characters. As well as acknowledging that Spider-Man exists in their universe, which was missing from Venom.

Morbius is heading to theaters this summer.