Mozilla Ad-Free Internet To Begin Testing

It wasn’t a long time ago when Mozilla was the anti-Google. Unfortunately, in this day of ad-revenue, Mozilla is trying to bring in revenue but not be as obnoxious as Google or Facebook. Or, well, the internet in general. Instead of bombarding us with ads in our Firefox browser, Mozilla ad-free internet service will begin testing.

“The online advertising ecosystem is broken,” Mozilla said in a blog post in February. “The majority of digital advertising revenue is going to a small handful of companies, leaving other publishers with scraps. Meanwhile users are on the receiving end of terrible experiences and pervasive tracking designed to get them to click on ads or share even more personal data.”

Mozilla ad-free internet is an ad-free news subscription service is designed to allow reader to read news from their favorite publications without ads. Invited users will have to pony up $5 a month to gain access to the beta testing of the service.

“We share your payment directly with the sites you read,” it says. “They make more money which means they can bring you great content without needing to distract you with ads just to keep the lights on.”

There is no word on just who will be available on there service. Some suggest that content from their partner, Scroll, will likely be available there. That service includes BuzzFeed, Slate, The Atlantic, and USA Today.

Success of another paid new subscription service is questionable. While organizations like The New York Times and The Washington Post both offer their own service, Apple News+ has been successful but not smooth.

The thought of ad-free service isn’t as demanding as it used to be. Services like Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, and others have started offering free content with minimal amounts of ads. With the exception of Hulu, who charges you $5 for a few ads. How many subscription services do we need? Will people pay for something they can simply read for free with a good ad-blocker?

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