New CW Shows Not Automatically Coming to Netflix

For those of you that use Netflix to catch up on a season for many of the CW series, you may be in for a bad day for any of the new shows coming to the network this fall. Deadline is reporting that the deal between Netflix and the CW won’t renew their output deal. Okay, so what does that mean? It means new CW shows may miss Netflix. According to the site, the three new CW series — Batwoman, Nancy Drew and Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene — are being shopped for streaming deals individually by their respective studios.

This is a two-part issue. One: existing series already on the service will continue to get new episodes updated eight days after the season finale airs on the network. So, no problem there. Two: the new CW shows could still end up on Netflix. Instead, CW will take bids for each shows, and they will be assigned accordingly.

However, the report does indicate that WarnerMedia is considering holding Batwoman for their upcoming streaming service. Because, anything “Bat” related could bring in more money. However, that is not necessarily the case. Netflix is giving a bigger boon for many of their current shows. Allowing people to binge episodes to join the new season when they begin.

Also, WarnerMedia taking bids of their shows, just shows how much WarnerMedia (mostly their AT&T parent company) is in for the money. Instead of localizing their shows (either Netflix or their WarnerMedia streaming service), they would rather sell it to the highest bidder to make money on their deal with Warner Bros.

Many online pundits continuously look at the impact it would have on Netflix. That view is easy for clicks but weak on insight. The bigger view (and more logical one) would be the impact on WarnerMedia’s monetary impact. While this could hurt Netflix, slightly, but the bigger question is if viewers will rush over to sign-up for their half-cocked idea for people to get to pay for their content. We will have to see what WarnerMedia decides to offer with their service.

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