New Star Trek Discovery Season Four Trailer Drops

Regardless of what the haters say: Paramount is not canceling Star Trek. Months ago, while all four shows were filming, “sources” kept claiming Star Trek is done. Production is ending and they are scraping it. Then, new trailers for the upcoming seasons drop. This weekend, Paramount rolled out a new Star Trek Discovery season four trailer.

Unlike the teaser, we get more information as to what’s about to happen. Although, I did notice a large number of costume changes for Michael. However, we did see a number of alien species returning to the Federation. There was an Orion, Ferengi, and others. Some old favorites have returned. Yet again, a universe ending disaster is coming.

I did notice one thing: Discovery season four trailer did get the excitement up for the return. The first season seemed to struggle to be something it wasn’t designed for. The second season did bring back that Federation luster that was lost in the debut season. The addition of Anson Mount as Pike was a huge reason for that.

Discovery season four trailer expanses on last season.

The opinion was that Discovery should have taken place in the future. There was too much canon that would be messed with. We have seen that in Star Trek Enterprise. If you listen to The Away Team, you will notice that.

After season three, the Federation wasn’t in a good place. This was perfect. We knew nothing about that time. That timeline was never touched in any incarnation of Trek. Not to mention, the previous mentions of the future were used last season.

Now, we have a crew that has rebuilt the Federation and can start anew. Everything that has happened in all of Trek is in the past. While some don’t like any new Trek, I enjoy it immensely. Star Trek Discovery season four trailer has me hyped.

Why can I enjoy all of new Trek? Because I don’t have my head that far up my own ass.