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Social media has always been a problem for children. Dysmorphia is a large problem, not just with girls but boys too. Seeing fake images of people living the best life. Wishing their life was like other people’s. However, this is a problem for adults, as well. However, everything needs to be done for the children, while parents make things worse. The Wall Street Journal reports that lawmakers in New York have reached a “tentative agreement” on a bill stop social media companies from offering algorithmic feeds to teens. Without parental consent.

The bill will be voted on later this week.

State officials, including Governor Kathy Hochul, introduced a bill requiring parental consent for algorithmic feeds last year. The Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids Act doesn’t restrict the type of content teens can view on social media apps. However, they wouldn’t be able to view algorithmic feeds without permission from their parents or guardians. The latest version of the bill will also block teens from seeing in-app notifications overnight without parental consent, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Social media laws are nice in theory

With many of these laws, the benefits lie in the details. As if teens aren’t smart enough to find ways to circumvent these protections. The bigger issue is how invested parents will be in the technological side of kids and their social media.

Our society likes to push the blame on these companies. As they did when I was growing up, blaming comic books, music, and television. Liberals and conservatives like to blame the cause and not the symptom. Parents need to take an active role in their children’s lives.  

People need to be able to talk to their children and explain the nuance of social media. While you may wish for that life, social media only shows what the user wants to show. None of them show real life. However, parents need to understand that first to explain it to their children.

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