No Battlefield Title in the Works for 2014


Michael Pachter, an industry analyst, has told the news and investors alike that developer DICE isn’t working an an addition to the Battlefield series for 2014. There have been a lot of rumors lately that the franchise would be going with a yearly release schedule, much like Call of Duty, but that seems to be false.

“Although they have not yet announced a version of Battlefield for [fiscal year 2015], they confirmed that our understanding is spot on and that if a version of Battlefield were to be released in FY:15, it would be developed by a studio other than DICE,” said Pachter. EA’s fiscal year starts in April 2014 and ends in March 2015.

This doesn’t mean another studio isn’t going to develop a Battlefield game however. A spinoff from the main line wouldn’t be hard to believe, seeing as so many shooter franchises before have done the same thing. DICE is keeping busy however, with the announcement of both Star Wars Battlefront and Mirror’s Edge 2.

EA has previously stated that DICE won’t be working on any new projects until they fix the server issues Battlefield 4 is currently plagued with.

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  1. Well I gotta say that I like this and I’m glad that DICE has decided to deal with the problems at hand first, and then take on a whole new project later. It gives players a chance to enjoy Battlefield 4 for a awhile, and then after most people get tired of the game. That’s when they can release Battlefield 5 or whatever it’ll be called.

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