NPR’s Throughline Review

Anyone that truly understands me, they would tell you that I love history. Also, I am always looking for new podcasts to fill up my day. While I love offensive podcasts that offer me laughs at things I shouldn’t be laughing at, true crime offerings, but seldom do I find something historically interesting. That was until I came across NPR’s Throughline history podcast. After listening to the first episode, I recommended it to Adam, who immediately subscribed.

Having started on February 7th, the podcast is really two episodes in. Yet, it is a new show that I find compelling and anxious for the next episode. Almost the way I felt when I discovered Last Podcast on the Left. The show highlights hot button issues facing society right now, but put it into perspective of history. In essence, how did we get here?

The host of the show is Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Aralouei, who are normally producers. Their first episode out the gate is about the United States relationship with Iran. The hosts are children of Iranian parents but hadn’t heard much of the history about their country. Some stories they were told as children seemed very conspiratorial than real.

While the United States sees Iran as a rogue nation, the truth is we helped them get there. Much like what this country did with Iraq and Afghanistan. Much like Vietnam, we were asked to come in. Our interference in Iran came because Iran wanted to get a better deal for their oil from the British. The CIA orchestrated a coup to get the Shah back in power, which helped propel the events in 1979.

The second episode gets into the weeds about black athletes protesting and go way back. Unlike many other historical shows, they not only give you the story, but set up the time and culture. They manage to build suspense, intrigue, and overall understanding of how we got here.

As a fan of history, or even if you wish to get a better understanding as to how things got so bad, this is a podcast for you. Throughline is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, or anywhere podcast are available. I recommend you check it out and be that person to cut down someone’s cable media talking point with a bit of knowledge.

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