Original Diablo Released On GOG.com

The very first Diablo game is now for sale on GOG.com — the first time that Blizzard Entertainment’s RPG classic has been available to buy digitally. Some twenty-three years after the game was originally released. What makes this kinda hilarious is the fact that Blizzard was looking to remaster some of their older catalog since 2015.

The Windows PC version of Diablo is $9.99 and being sold exclusively through GOG.com. The beloved game’s re-release marks the first in Blizzard’s new partnership with GOG.com, the popular online gaming storefront, to make the studio’s older, classic games accessible for modern audiences. Of course, they price is still a bit high for a game that is older than most of its fan base.

I mean, who doesn’t want to play this again?

Don’t expect any major upgrades, though, according to a news release from the pair. While Blizzard and GOG.com have introduced Windows 10 compatibility and numerous bug fixes to the 1996 action RPG, there’s also the option to play Diablo as it was originally released — 20 fps graphics, old-school Battle.net matchmaking and all.

Blizzard called the classic Diablo re-release “a long time coming,” but it’s also just the first of what’s coming to GOG.com. Next up is the first-ever digital version of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, the game that introduced players to the long-running Warcraft franchise. Its sequel, Warcraft 2, is also on the way. There’s no word on when to expect these yet.

This is definitely a grab at the nostalgia group that brought is the NES Classic and the thud that was the PlayStation One Classic. For a game that wasn’t truly updated, it seems that $10 is a bit of a high price. Then again, it is Blizzard. So, we can be thankful that it wasn’t a true money grab at $30 a game. I honestly wonder who is going to grab it.


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