Our Final Post

If you have been following The Lazy Geeks, you kinda knew this was coming. We are calling it a day. Hanging it up. Calling it quits. Yeah, we are ending it all. Not in a suicidal way but in an entertainment way. For more than a month, we have been asking for financial help to keep this network going and expanding. We have heard you response. The silence we received from you was deafening. Not only did we not receive any donations, but not even a message of concern.

We even gave up on expanding the network back in December, we struggled on maintaining the two shows. Unfortunately, the audience has spoken and we have deemed it an embarrassing time to call it a day.

The Extended Play Movie Podcast will be taking a hiatus. When it returns, it will go back to being an independent show. It will no longer be associated with The Lazy Geeks, so much so that we are rebranding the show. When it returns, it will be associated with a personal blog that I have set up. As I said before, we don’t know how long the hiatus will be, but we hope it won’t be too long. When it returns, it will be under The Cinephile.

The WordPress blog will remain online. There are no plans on deleting the blog. It will be a marker in time for us. The Fine Line was cancelled back in December and will be removed from directories soon. The Lazy Geeks will remain around for a short time, until we decide to remove it from directories.

Anything being planned?

Yeah. I have started a new blog. Something that will be more personal, which will be the home of The Cinephile. Personally, I am thinking of doing a solo podcast for the blog, which will be a reflection of my blog.

Will I get back into producing new content?

Possibly. Adam and I are discussing about doing another show. Although nothing is confirmed. While we had secured some funds for a few episodes, there was no sense in continued production of a series that no one really cared about. We have moved on personally and are looking for content that would be fun and exciting. It is in the planning stages but there is no more information beyond that.

What about your social media?

Facebook and Twitter will be deleted in February. Our Instagram will probably remain online due to the fact that there are so many cool pictures on it. However, there will not be any new activity on it. If you follow me, personally, on social media, you will see all my new stuff.
As for now, we are taking time to rethink our approach. Consider this a do-over. However, knowing the tricks of the past eight years, we can approach things differently. My blog is solely about me discussing interests that are personal to me. Writing reflective pieces, commenting on pop culture, politics, and hosting one podcast for a time.
It has been a wonderful eight years. When we started this podcast, we didn’t know the reception we would receive. Fortunately, many of the products we started out with got better, so we can keep costs relatively low going forward.

From Adam and me, thanks for the great time. It was fun, but it is time to move on. Look ahead. Thank you. And goodbye.

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