Our Podcast Status Update

Back in December, I informed everyone that there will be some issues coming into 2019. Unfortunately, we have not received any help, so some of the issues have manifested. So, here are some things that have happened:

Podcasts – There was barely enough money to pay the hosting costs for both The Lazy Geeks and The Extended Play. On the flip side, there wasn’t enough money to pay for The Fine Line, nor to start the new Away Team podcast. Unfortunately, we will not be able to upload any new episodes of The Fine Line and the release of The Away Team has been pushed back, if we ever get to release it.

Patrick and I are about to record January’s episode of The Extended Play Movie Podcast and will release those later this week and every Tuesday for the rest of the month. However, if we do not receive an influx of cash soon, there will not be any episodes for February.

Internet – As my personal internet is still out, I cannot record new episode of The Lazy Geeks with Adam. Since he lives in Arizona, we only record the episode via Discord. Since we have hosting for January, I will be releasing a previously un-aired episode of the show, as well as a couple of Rewind episodes from 2014 and 2015. That will impact the amount of content that will be released on the blog. Since I am resorting to using the public library internet, there will be limited posts.

The Original lazygeeks.com URL – Even the most inexpensive thing is out of our reach financially. The original domain is still under our control. Unfortunately, given the non-existent income, we are unable to map it onto our temporary wordpress.com url.

We need your help. If we come to the end of the month and nothing has changed, it will be the end of the blog and the years of podcasting we have done. We would hate for this to be the end of the network but if loyal listeners don’t wish to help you out, then what can you do. You will have to take it as a sign that the people that absorb free content just don’t care.
That is sad given that Adam and I had put in a lot of work into the podcasts for over the past eight years. There was a belief that we would somehow know if we should stop doing it. Given the silent response from our listeners, we are taking it as a sign. We would have hoped to go away on our terms, but it seems that the audience as spoken. Or, lack thereof.
We hope this isn’t the end of our network, but if that is the way it needs to be… So be it.

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