PlayStation 3 and Vita Lose Credit Card Support

Okay, Sony! We get it! You don’t want people to buy digital versions of those PlayStation 3 or Vita games anymore. At least, that’s the notion they’re giving old school gamers. In a notice sent out to PlayStation owners, and Kotaku noticed, you can no longer purchase games through those console. At least, starting October 27 that is.

On that day, Sony is shutting down the credit card and PayPal store payment options on those consoles. Can you still purchase games for those systems? Yes. You just need to load your virtual wallet (on the web or another console) or use gift cards.

PlayStation 3 and Vita getting credit card payment shutdown.

Granted, the PlayStation 3 is fifteen years old. They originally planned to shut them all down. However, after public outcry, they held off on the PS3 and Vita. For now, at least.

Let’s be completely real about the whole Vita thing. It was never easy to digitally purchase a game for that handheld. You could purchase a game on the system, but you needed to connect it to a PS3 to download onto the device.

It almost seemed early one that Sony didn’t want you to purchase games digitally. Obviously, they want you to move on. Like people that are still using Windows 7 – let it go. Move on into the twenty-first century. Of course, there are some classic games on the system. However, buy a physical copy will be much easier.

If you like to play older games, you can join their PlayStation Now. Although, Microsoft has been more gracious about their older gamers. Allowing them to use old discs to play on their Xbox. Sony often says that no one plays older games, which is why they aren’t backwards compatible. If that statement is true, then why back off cutting support for older consoles?

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