PlayStation 4 Backward Compatibility is Nearly There

With just over a month to go until the debut of the PlayStation 5, we finally have an idea of how PlayStation 4 backward compatibility will work. The good news is that Sony’s testing has fulfilled the company’s previous statements. “When the PlayStation 5 launches this November, more than 99 percent of the 4000+ games available on PS4 will be playable on PS5,” Sony said in a PlayStation Blog post published Friday afternoon.

Of course, that means that some PS4 games won’t work with the PS5. Thankfully, the current list on the PlayStation support site is tiny, with just 10 titles designated as incompatible. At least, for now.

Luckily, none of them are heavy hitters. However, there’s no word on whether this list will change over time. Here’s the full lineup of games, which Sony says will be labeled as “Playable on: PS4 only” in the PlayStation Store:

  • Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume One
  • DWVR
  • Hitman Go: Definitive Edition
  • Joe’s Diner
  • Just Deal With It!
  • Robinson: The Journey
  • Shadow Complex Remastered
  • Shadwen
  • TT Isle of Man — Ride on the Edge 2
  • We Sing

It’s worth noting that Sony still hasn’t demonstrated any PS4 games running on PS5. We don’t know what kind of performance to expect. This is in stark contrast to Microsoft, which has made backward compatibility a key pillar of the Xbox Series X and Series S experience.

PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility remains elusive, especially if you have the previous games. Sony’s support page also explains how backward compatibility will work on PS5, along with some caveats and limitations. However, the digital PS5 will not work for physical PS4 games. It’s sad that this must be said, but it seems that the internet has gotten dumber in recent years.

It is fair to say that if you wish to bring over your physical PS4 games, you need to get a PS5 with disk drive. However, if you have purchased a shit ton of digital games, you can get the digital version. It appears to be self-explanatory, but you can’t take any of this for granted anymore.