PlayStation 5 Release Not Until 2020, At The Least

Last week, Sony revealed the specs for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. Naturally, the news started people speculating when the PlayStation 5 release would be. Of course, much of the internet is filled with people that want it now, and no one looks at business trends and models. Some were believing that it could be out later this year, for the holidays. Sure, you could believe that, but we never saw that happening.

For one, Sony have never released a console during the holiday season. They are confusing holiday sales with Microsoft. Yeah, Sony did have a half-baked idea for their PlayStation One Classic retro-console for the holidays. Unfortunately for them, everyone saw it as a money grab. Two, they never throw out a next-gen console early just to make holiday sales. Again, you’re thinking about Microsoft.

When it was announced, two weeks ago, I said this:

“As far as a release window, we know for certain that it will not be this year. Developers have gained access to devkits to develop games for the new console. So, many people are projecting a 2020 launch. I’m not as optimistic. Remember, Sony is taking this year’s E3 off, which sparked rumors that they have nothing to announce. It is possible that they will reveal this at 2020’s event and release it near the holidays of 2020 or early spring of 2021. My bet is on the latter.”

On Friday, Sony revealed that they do not foresee the console coming out within the next 12 months.

That was most likely mentioned because online reports tend to build expectation. That would put it at May of 2020, at the earliest. But, you won’t see it then. E3 will be a month later, and they will utilize their presentation with all PlayStation 5 release announcements.

Yes, many of the PlayStation consoles have come out before the holidays, with exception of the PlayStation 2. That was released in spring. Also, remember, just because we know the console is in development, doesn’t mean all they need to do is drop it in the box and send it off. The PlayStation 3 had a lot of delays. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was rushed out to take advantage of their delay, we all know how that turned out.

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