Pokemon X and Y Multiplayer Explained


The next generation of Pokemon is almost upon us, and Nintendo has let go of some information about the upcoming Pokemon X and Y’s multiplayer capabilities at this year’s E3. Junichi Masuda, director of Pokemon developer Game Freak, explains the new Player Search System which will make it easier for players to find new trainers to battle.

The new system is based on a three-tier mechanic that works both locally and online. The first level is a Passerby, which would be someone just, well, passing by playing the game. In more simple terms is someone who you haven’t played yet. After you have either battled or traded with the person they’re sent to the next level of Acquaintance.

After trading and battling enough times with an Acquaintance they’ll be sent up to the final level of the tier as an in-game friend. The system isn’t restricted to automation either with people already on your friends list automatically classified as “Friends” in the Play Search System.

Another feature confirmed was 1 vs. 5 Pokemon horde battles and being able to fight in the sky with certain Pokemon. Masuda explains that when fighting in the sky the camera angles will take on a more cinematic look in order to follow the action better.

The official release date of Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS is October 12.

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