Pornhub Parent CEO and COO Resign

MinkGeek, the company that owns Pornhub lost their CEO and COO, according to Variety.  CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo’s resignation was announced shortly after a scathing report from The New Yorker was released. The company claimed the departures were planned since earlier this year. So, it would appear purely coincidental that it happened at this time. Sure.

In a statement to Variety, a company representative said, “Antoon and Tassillo leave MindGeek’s day-to-day operations after more than a decade in leadership positions with the company. With the company strategically positioned for long-term growth, MindGeek’s executive leadership team will run day-to-day operations on an interim basis, with a search underway for replacements.” 

Of course, the guys will remain shareholders.

Pornhub has been the center of controversy for a few years now. The article points out many facts that observers have already known.  “Pornhub has hosted sexually explicit nonconsensual videos — including those with children — for years,” the publication wrote. “MindGeek’s policies say videos on its site are vetted to ensure that they don’t feature minors and also to verify that the videos have been shared with the consent of the people who appear in them.”

Pornhub isn’t a strange to this issue

The New Yorker claims to have interviewed several women that discovered videos and pictures of themselves on the site. All of whom did not give consent to sharing. Plus, spent months trying to get the site to remove the content.

Again, none of this is new. As many companies do, they have to offer the PR with some heads. Since these two have been in charge for over a decade, they gave them nice packages before walking them out the door.

The company has been under fire since a 2020’s New York Times piece came out. The piece claimed many videos of underage victims on their site. Shortly after, the site purged their content. But it doesn’t seemed to have helped at all.

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