President Trump Can’t Admit He’s Wrong

There is a disillusionment among the media. President Donald Trump would somehow admit he was wrong. It has been nearly two years since he took office, half his term, why would he start now? If you choose to fact check many of his random claims, you would see that he misrepresented many of them. Not only that, he doesn’t answer to the media.

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Since the launch of his campaign, he struck a cord with a portion of the American electorate that the media was out to get him. “Fake news” became the slogan of the campaign, simply because he knew the media had coroneted Hillary Clinton as the first woman president. It was a forgone conclusion by the media, online, even Republicans knew that she was going to win. Then, Trump started his own brand of mistruth and misdirection.

While many of those accusations against him would have taken down another politician, he claims that they were lies. No matter how many facts were shown to his supporters, it was the Clinton national machine that was after him. Since he posed the biggest threat to them. The base, which craved for a leader that could fight those dirty Democrats, they thought Trump was their man.

The fake news is unfair to me

In the decade leading up to the 2016 election, conspiracy theories ran rampant on the internet. Their grasp of the American, and international community, grew with the proliferation of smart devices. Thanks Apple. This allowed people to read anything on the internet that they couldn’t readily see at home. Why? Simply because their friends were posting conspiracy theory claims on Facebook.

That is when they began to read rumors that Clinton and Obama were demons. Pizzagate. Clinton death squads. This rhetoric went unchecked and came to prominence when it was Hillary that would win the presidency. Trump was one of these followers. When he realized that he could deny any accusations against him with a simple “fake news”, he had a base that was ready to believe him.

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After the week of bombs being mailed to prominent Democrats, he began spreading the unproven claim that it was a Democrat plot. All of his pundits came to his aide and began to assert that claim was fact. Yet, everyone in the media expected him to admit fault, and become a unifier. How? The man has no skills at being diplomatic. Even his own FBI claims these weren’t hoaxes. Although, how can we believe them since they are part of a ‘deep state’?

No great uniter here

He has never had to claim responsibility in his life. Neither for his financial bankruptcies or his inappropriate acts. Why? Because money makes a lot of problems go away. President George W. Bush was hated by the left. Yet, after 9/11, he shared our shock and pain. He made people feel better and gave us direction in the days after. Trump would not have done that. For some reason, he could only unite his side and forget the others. Why? Because they lost – that’s why.

This has emboldened his base to act as he does. That man that groped a woman on an airplane, and blamed it on the president. Trump said it was okay. Here’s the difference. He has no money. That is why he is sitting in jail facing charges, while the guy with the money sits in the White House. He can only unite the country of one – himself. He likes the cheering crowds. So why should he take responsibility for anything he says or does? He never has before. Why start now?

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