President Trump: Our Conspiracy Theory President

President Donald Trump has a belief in conspiracy theories. This is nothing new. However, when someone becomes the leader of a political party, there is an expectation of a “tone down.” Unfortunately, along with many other things, Trump has doubled-down on such rhetoric. Much to the delight of his base but to the chagrin of normal people. In short, Trump is our first conspiracy theory president.

This army is coming to the border. Convenient, huh?

Recently, Trump pedaled a new conspiracy theory, claimed as proof the Democrats are paying migrants to come to America. One, the Democrats are stupid but not that stupid.  He claimed a video that surfaced was showing aides of the Democrats and George Soros are paying those migrants. Problem is that the video is riddled with contradictions for Trump and his conspiracy theory base. The video is actually taking place in Guatemala, and is being handed Guatemalan currency.

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Now, this will not discourage his base. By his base, is anyone that is so anti-Democrat, believe his bullying tactics are the way we should act. Yet, if someone did that to a Trump supporter, they would cry foul. Why? Because that is simply how cowards behave. There are those that align themselves with his racist lot because he is against abortion. Yet, the God that they believe in would shake their head in shame wondering how you were all led astray.

There is, also, a link between Obama and mad cow. Look it up.

Trump’s conspiracy theories have surfaced before he was president. During the campaign, he started that then-President Obama had conspired with terrorists in the Orlando night club shooting. As well as claiming that President Obama was the “founder of ISIS”.

History Break

Let’s be honest about this point, logic would assume that President George W. Bush was the “founder of ISIS”. Why?  A bit of history for all of you, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. Saddam Hussein was a secular Muslim. Even traditional Muslims hated him. However, with his oppressive regime, he managed to keep a sense of order in that part of the world. Once Hussein was removed from power, the country went into a free for all. A vacuum formed. History abhors a vacuum. Thus leading into the formation of ISIS.

There’s a picture with him and their flag. What more proof do you need?

That isn’t to say that he hasn’t been the victim of online misdirection. A very popular meme that claims Trump said he would run for the Republicans because they are “the dumbest group of voters”. While he wasn’t completely wrong on that assumption, mainly because he won, but the online piece was false. There has been no proof that an interview in that timeline was ever given.

A Master at Conspiracy Theory

One of the greatest cons a conspiracy theorist can make is by offering no proof at all. The art of debate claims that the burden of proof lies on the side of the person making the argument. Unfortunately, the information is so valuable, they rely on the reader to do their own search. As opposed to the concept of providing proof that their claim is true.

Any dime store conspiracy theorist, like Alex Jones, will invite people to do their research. Many of Alex Jones’ stories that claim to break something “wide open”, he tends to tell you his facts. Never shows you the documents. Reminds people that he has them, but will never show them to the viewer. Trump has adopted that approach with the caravan of migrants heading to the United States. The recent claim that terrorist groups are part of the people marching.

Who needs proof? I said, so it means its true.

However, like a master conspiracy theorist, he cited that reporters should go there and see for themselves. Yet, there has been no proof offered by news agency, governmental bodies to support these claims. When Bush or Obama made claims about making incursions or using the military in any way, they would be challenged to provide evidence. Much like any conspiracy theorist, he asks you to do your own research. After all, he found it online. We all know how honest your Facebook feed is.

The burden of proof lies on Trump

As a “celebrity”, Trump can support claims like other celebrities and we eye roll. Unfortunately, as the leader of the United States, he needs to offer more evidence. Although, he doesn’t seem to research for truth in his beliefs.  After all, Ted Cruz needed his help, even after Trump entertained thoughts that Cruz’s father was linked to the Kennedy assassination. Still questions Obama’s birth certificate and the Clinton’s murdered Vince Foster. He even believed a video that claimed a stage rusher was “linked to ISIS”. That was based on a video he saw on the internet.

The left used to lambast George W. Bush for not being well-educated. They would make fun of his reactions, voice, and verbiage. In the decade since his departure from office, many look back at those as the simpler times. That should never be the case. Yes, Obama was more statesmen than the last two Republicans. However, he did manage to fail in certain areas and didn’t live up to the promise of change. Although, that is not totally his fault.

Trump is the president the people deserved. He is the embodiment of lazy, internet-trolling, racist people that we’ve become. One agenda voters that don’t look for substance but superficial appearance. Long gone are the days of debate and fact-finding missions. Trump is the physical manifestation of the internet culture. That internet culture that sees the world as they want to, not as it is. American is no longer the land of the free and home of the brave. It is the land of the hopeless and home of the troll.

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