PS4 Remote Play Supports iOS Devices

If you ever wanted to remote play on your iOS device, you’re in luck. A new system software update for PlayStation 4 rolled out Thursday, allowing console owners the option to control the system from their iPhone or iPad, via Remote Play for iOS. A new app, PS4 Remote Play, is available to download for free from the Apple App Store.

PS4 Remote Play will let iOS device owners control their PS4, join voice chats using the microphone, and enter text on their console using the keyboard on their mobile device. Obviously, this isn’t for every game, so don’t think you can play Call of Duty on this bitch.

The app requires iOS 12.1 or later, a PlayStation Network account, and a home WiFi network. I already see two things wrong with this. PS4 Remote Play cannot be used over a mobile network and is not compatible with a DualShock 4 controller, according to the app’s release notes.

PS4 Remote Play
You won’t be able to use one of these though.

If you were planning to play this while on the go, like you can on a PlayStation Vita (RIP), you are so out of luck. Since you won’t be able to use a DualShock controller, that means functionality will be extremely limited.

Sony recommends an iPhone 7, iPad sixth generation, iPad Pro second generation, or newer iOS devices for PS4 Remote Play. Not all titles are supported, Sony says. No titles were given at announcement time, so there’s that too.

Remote Play on PS4 was previously supported on Android devices, Mac and Windows PC, and PlayStation Vita. However, they were all supporting an DualShock (or equevelent) with those devices.

Thursday’s PS4 system update also adds an option that will be helpful for import game enthusiasts. Via system settings, PS4 owners can now change the button assignment to perform “Enter” operations from the circle button — the default in Japanese titles — to the cross button. So there’s that.


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