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You may have noticed that I’ve gone a bit quiet. That’s because I have. While hanging out with some old friends earlier in the month, we all came down with a severe cold. It was so bad I was laid up in bed for two days. One of my friends went to the ER. This made my birthday suck, as I was on the couch coughing like a maniac. While I was laying in bed, I started to think about things regarding the site and brand. It was concentrated more on social media.

Back when I started The Lazy Geeks podcast and blog, using social media to get the word out was essential. The landscape for discovery was amazing. You can see all your friends and shows on your feed. As well as some other people and shows that share your interests. However, as many of those companies became bigger and cultivated boards, revenue became the goal.

social media

No one was more notorious than Meta. Facebook pages were designed to build a community around your brand. As the years went on, suppression of your content was noticeable. Many would see their reach drop from the upper eighties to less than fifteen percent. If you had a sizeable following, that would still be okay. Eventually, it would shrink down to two percent. Meaning if you a following of 150 people, two people would organically see your posts.

We are reducing drastically our social media

The same has happened with Instagram. When I first started using it, I would get double digit interactions on my posts. Now, I am lucky if I get one or two. We already see that with Threads. Mastodon and Blue Sky are jokes. Don’t get me started with YouTube and their shitty algorithm. You figure that a company with enormous cash flow would have a better algorithm. Instead, it’s the same as Netflix.

As of now, The Lazy Geeks will greatly reduce the number of platforms we use. The more I listen to other podcasters and content creators, the more I realize that social media is no longer essential. As one creator said, “you are only promoting to people that already follow you.” Spending money on ads is not a guaranteed rate of return.

social media

The only platform that is good at giving exposure is TikTok. It allows more exposure for people attempting to make a brand. I’ve personally had a TikTok account for a while but was more of a “lurker”. I made my first TikTok last weekend which has more than 5000 views – as of this writing. 221 comments, 18 likes, and 5 bookmarks. My second one has over 130 thousand views. Over 9000 likes. Nearly a thousand comments and over 430 bookmarks.

That is huge for someone that hasn’t made any impact on other platforms.

Facebook is done, as are the newer ones.

From now on, we will no longer use our Facebook pages, Mastodon, and Blue Sky. I am keeping Twitter, but that is mostly for personal reasons. I like watching dumpster fires. It reminds me of a trainwreck. Instagram will remain, and plan to explore more on TikTok. At least, until the government takes it away.

social media

From here on out, I will be limiting my social media presence. Also, we will no longer use The Lazy Geeks accounts. Since the blog and its content are created by me, I will be using thegen_xer accounts. Since I use those for many different reasons, it makes sense to streamline them together.   

If you want updates for things, follow my accounts or just check in with the blog. If things change to where creators can start amassing a following again (which I doubt, especially with Meta), then I’ll expand. Maybe even change. But for now, this is the way it has to be.

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