Report: Two New Versions of the Switch Coming

Nintendo is working on two new versions of the Switch that could be released as soon as this summer, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. One of the models is said to be a cheaper variant, while the other device reportedly has “enhanced features targeted at avid video gamers.”

The WSJ says the cheaper model will omit the vibration feature, suggesting that it won’t have detachable Joy-Con controllers at all; it’s said to be seen as a successor to the 3DS. Nikkei reported earlier this year that Nintendo was planning to release a smaller Switch with a focus on portability.

This shouldn’t come as a total surprise, given that consoles are usually updated with smaller more inexpensive parts. While the prices never usually come down, you can find that their profit margins tend to increase. Reports of a newer Nintendo Switch were leaking as early as late last year.

The report doesn’t have any firm details on the higher-end model, but one source implied there was more to the revision than a simple performance boost. Even so, there’s clear room for improvement in that regard; the Switch uses Nvidia’s four-year-old Tegra X1 processor, and if Nvidia were to get back into mobile chip development for Nintendo it could make major gains in power and efficiency.

What remains to be seen is if the two new versions of the Switch comes to pass. The reasoning for the two versions of the same device for pricing doesn’t seem to make much sense. However, since Microsoft is reportedly going to have three versions of the Xbox One, you could say anything is possible. Yet, Nintendo has never done such a thing before.

The WSJ says the new Switch hardware is likely to be announced at E3 in June. However, since Nintendo doesn’t usually go to E3, it could come out in a Nintendo Direct.


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