Robert Pattinson In Negotiations for Batman

In case you’ve been living under a rock over the weekend, the internet has been up in arms over everything this weekend. Not over things they should be, like those massive abortion bans or possible war with Iran. No, they have been having petitions over the final season of Game of Thrones for a Star Wars-like do-over and news that Robert Pattinson could be possibly playing the new Batman.

Yeah, it seems that the internet is stuck in the decade old actor’s previous franchise of Twilight. It seems that Variety broke the internet when they revealed that the actor was in negotiations to play Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Matt Reeves’ The Batman movie. While some sites are saying “this is your new Batman”, even the piece itself says it isn’t a done deal. Many things can happen before it is official.

Pattinson himself hasn’t been part of any truly franchise size film since the Twilight series ended. Not to mention that he has done a lot of indie-arthouse flicks in the intervening years. He is slated to begin shooting Christopher Nolan’s upcoming mystery film. While narrow-minded people are probably thinking he hasn’t done anything since Twilight, the dude has been busy.

Pattinson has a total of four films opening this year, beginning with Claire Denis’ “High Life.” He also appears in Robert Eggers’ “The Lighthouse,” which bows at the Cannes Film Festival, “The King” for Netflix and “Waiting for the Barbarians.”

The piece itself claims that pre-production of the film is slated to begin this summer, while the final script is getting a last coat of polish. Regardless of what those fanboy blogs claim, there is no official start date for the film, but plans could be the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2020. Until things are official, the internet needs to calm down. Even after it is official, you still need to calm down. However, this is par for the course, every actor that has donned the cowl got the same response.

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