Rocksteady Calls Mark Hamill A ‘Dirty Liar’


News has been running around the web talking about how Mark Hamill has said farewell to the iconic Joker character. While I believe no one could do the voice justice like Hamill, Digital Spy got a response from Rocksteady and their response is rather surprising.

“There are two things about Mark Hamill you need to know; one is that he’s a dirty liar,” narrative designer Paul Crocker said. “In all honestly, I’ve done all the [voiceovers] with him for years, and he’s never, to the best of my knowledge, actually said, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore’. That’s just got blown out of proportion.”

Unless Hamill is teasing something that happens in the game, it could be a ploy to get people to pick up the game. I would personally love to see him stay at The Joker, even if it is simply the video games. However, Rocksteady seems pretty adamant that Hamill isn’t giving up the role. What do you think?

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