Rotten Tomatoes Disables Fan Review Prior to Release

The one thing anyone on the internet can count on are trolls. It seems that anything that Hollywood would do to be inclusive, trolls have taken to the internet to diminish it via Rotten Tomatoes. First it was Black Panther and now they are going after Captain Marvel. They felt that if they can affect the audience score before the movie is released, it would cause the film to tank.

rotten tomatoes
This is why we can’t have nice things.

One thing that never made sense was Rotten Tomatoes’ ability to allow audience reviews, which affect the score, to be posted before the movie is released. It got so out of hand that they shut the option down on Monday. It should’ve been done way before when they tried to do the same thing against Captain America: Civil War because some douchecanoes believe Marvel conspires with critics against DC Entertainment.

Today, Rotten Tomatoes announced a series of changes to its system, one of which is removing the option for fans to leave comments or reviews on a movie before its release. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Streamlined user interface that positions the Audience Score adjacent to the Tomatometer Score, which represents the collective opinions of thousands of professional critics, giving fans easy access to compare and contrast critic’s and fan’s view of movies and TV shows.
  • Prior to a movie’s release, fans will no longer be able to leave written comments or reviews.  That functionality will be available once the movie releases into theaters.
  • The fan “want to see” score, which was previously represented as a percentage, will now be presented as a raw number that will be tallied in real time. This change seeks to eliminate the confusion that sometimes occurred between the “want to see” score and the “audience score” which is also represented as a percentage.
  • Throughout the roll out of new audience rating features, Rotten Tomatoes will call out enhancements on the site and link to a product update blog, where users can find explanations.

For a long time, fanboys have been ruining fanboy culture. People that don’t have the ability to look beyond the race or gender of a character, and look to the comic source material. The bigger issue is the reporting of their acts embolden their actions. We have a responsibility to not take social media as a sample of actual society.

Once internet sites stop giving these faux outrage trolls their moment to shine, we can get into things that are really wrong with our society. You know, like all these damn remakes and reboots.

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