Rumor: Matt Reeves May Not Need Affleck for The Batman

There has been a lot of talk about The Batman since it was originally announced with Ben Affleck set to star and direct. Jump ahead to 2018, it is clear Matt Reeves is working on the movie but we know nothing else. Rumors are floating that it is set to shoot in early 2019. However, they can’t get The Flash going so that is unlikely to happen.

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Yet, a small rumor surfaced online that Affleck is (again) out as Batman. Keep in mind, this is the umpteenth time we have heard this rumor, most recently that Henry Cavill out as Superman. The site reported to have an “in” in regards to knowing someone in the know.

“A few weeks back, it was brought to my attention that Ben Affleck and some folks within Warner Bros. were interested in getting the actor back under the cowl for Reeves’ movie,” the site reports. “It wasn’t some sort of unanimous decision by the studio, and it wasn’t a mandate they wanted to try and strong-arm Reeves into, but I was told that Affleck and some supporters within the studio engaged the director about a long-rumored idea that would involve bookending the story of a younger Batman…with scenes featuring Affleck’s older Batman.

“Ultimately, I’m told Reeves turned down this suggestion- opting to have his film focus entirely on this younger Batman.”

It is and isn’t clickbate

Oddly enough, the site that is reporting this doesn’t want it taken out of context. They know people will make headlines like, “Affleck wants to return, and so does the studio, but- BOO!- Matt Reeves doesn’t!” Yet, they break it down on a less fanboy level:

Affleck was open to the idea. Some within the studio were interested in the idea, if they could get the stars to align. And Reeves really just wants his film to stand on its own, without any potential baggage from the reception to Justice League and Batman v Superman to weigh it down or cause a distraction from his seminal Batman movie.”

Now, I think that is still a simplification of what is going on. Reeves is crafting a story that is independent from the klusterfuck that is the DC Cinematic Universe. He wants to see how the story works before he worries about casting. Can the story work with or without Affleck? He’s open to it now, but will he be later? Of course Warner Bros. wants him back in. The studio loves him.

It is easy to say that Affleck is out because that gets clicks. Ad revenue is something everyone wants. Gotta keep the lights on. Unfortunately, deals like this are not as dramatic as the internet hopes. Let Reeves craft his script and see where it goes. He could have a version with and without Affleck. Things change quickly. Let’s just wait and see.

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