Rumor: Microsoft Plans New Webcams

There is some news we haven’t heard from in a while. For once, there is some good news that Microsoft is plotting. Given how much of their recent news dealt with their October 2018 Update not working, or that they are ditching Edge for a Chrome-type browser. Microsoft may be looking at getting back into the webcam market.

Many people have moved away from webcams, especially YouTube personalities. Many have gone to record vlogs from their iPhone or Galaxy devices. However, if you are a gamer that likes to webchat while raiding via Discord or the like, you may have noticed that Microsoft doesn’t have a branded webcam. And haven’t for a long time.

According to Thurrott, sources are telling him that Microsoft is looking to release two webcams in 2019. One will be a new 4K-capable cam that with work with both Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles.

Now, this is cool for two reasons: (one) the camera feature is sorta missed on the Xbox One, since they ditched the Kinect. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t miss the Kinect. It could’ve been cool if they knew what to do with it. Especially, not making that “always on” feature a must to give people concerned about privacy the creeps. (Two) it is nice to have a consistent branding device. You can use other cams but when you use the same brand, the thought is that it will work well with like-branded products.

However, this is Microsoft, so that isn’t always a valid thought. Microsoft is having issues with making their updates work with their operating system. Some are suggesting that this will coincide with the release of their USB-C based Surface Hub 2.

For many of you, this will sound like “whatever” news, but it is something that should be cool. Personally, I have been using my Galaxy S8 for vids but the concept of using an actual Microsoft branded webcam has me curious. Now, all I need is someone to webchat with.

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