Saturday Night Live Caravan Cold Open

Many of the skits that appear on Saturday Night Live, everyone can agree that they aren’t all winners. However, when it comes to the comedy of our real-life government, it is ripe for ridicule. Much of the comedy that spawns from our political officials are nearly gold. This mirror-like reflect of President Trump’s state-run media, their latest object was Fox News and their coverage of the migrant caravan.

Laura Ingraham, who is played wonderfully by Kate McKinnon, is a pariah on Fox News. Having taken over Megan Kelly’s old spot, she has managed to become more racists that Kelly ever could. Keep in mind, Kelly did get fired for saying blackface was cool, said Jesus was a white man, and other offensive comments.

Ingraham herself is stepping up the game with her comments. Most recently, she was criticized for claiming that white America was the America she remembers. She does not condone the mixed race concept that made this country strong. Previously, she lost many sponsors for criticizing victims of the Parkman School shooting. Many of her supports believe that the shooting was a false flag operation.

Matched with the female-version of Rudy Giuliani, Judge Jeanine Pirro is her guest and makes off-the-wall claims that seems more like a real clip of the show than an SNL skit. Utilizing clips of a Black Friday sale and World War Z as proof as to what the caravan is doing, it illustrates the fear-mongering that Fox and their leader are using to co-op the election.

After a spectacular season opening using Matt Damon to portray Brett Kavanagh at the congressional hearing, SNL has always been able to pick the media and government apart. Yes, they do some outrageous ideas but in this current climate, it is hard to know which is fake.

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