SDCC Open Registration 2020 Announced

As 2020 approaches, people have begun to wonder when Open Registration for the San Diego Comic-Con would occur. Last month, returning attendees were given priority registration, which sold out in less than two hours. SDCC Open Registration 2020 was going to happen soon after. In an email to all Comic-Con members, open registration is close at hand.

In the afternoon email, open registration will begin at 9am Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, November 16th. As with previous years, if you plan to purchase tickets for friends and family, each member must have a valid and confirmed Member ID account. If they don’t, they will not be able to get one this year, as the deadline for new registrations closed at 10:30am on November 4th.

SDCC Open Registration 2020 is being handled in the same manner as previous years. Again, just because you make it into ‘the waiting room’ to get tickets, it does not mean you will receive tickets. Remember, first come, first serve is the method of the service.

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“Your Expo Logic waiting room link and personal registration code will be sent to you via email at least 48 hours in advance of Open Registration,” SDCC states in the email. “At the same time, your registration code and waiting room link will be available in your Comic-Con Member ID account under the “Registration Info” tab.”

One major trick in using the service for SDCC Open Registration 2020, and all previous years, is to not leave the session and re-enter thinking your time will improve. Once you’re in the waiting room, you are placed in a queue that will take in order of arrival. If you’re smart, have a couple of people trying to get in to increase your odds.

San Diego Comic-Con is usually a hassle to try and get tickets. The two years I did, it was a hassle. One year, the whole system crashed and we had to wait until February the following year. Yeah, that was crazy. We will monitor how fast badges sold out that day. If you plan on braving the attempt, may fortune be in your favor.

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