Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory Came From Russia

If you have been following political conspiracy theories for a long, as I have, it all comes down to Clinton. For some reason, alt-right conspiracy theorists have a hard-on for the Clintons. I’m sure you’ve heard (even believe) some of them. The Clinton kill squads. People talking about how they murder people that are about to dish information on them. Nothing had been more recently disturbing as the murder of Seth Rich. Rich was murdered on July 13, 2016 and was a staffer for the Democratic National Committee. If you haven’t, just google “Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory” and catch up. I’ll wait.

Rich’s murder was given the conspiracy theorist treatment when an online report surfaced that he was either going to reveal massive voter fraud in California that got Hilary Clinton as the Democratic nominee or was behind the massive DNC hacking that was obtained by Wikileaks. Take your pick. Since then, the family of Rich has been having to deal with their son’s name being dragged through the mud just to foster hatred by the already hated Clinton.

Many people credit InfoWars host Alex Jones or Fox News personality (if you call what he has a personality) Sean Hannity with giving this story credence and power. As hard it is to believe, they didn’t come up with the story. The story first surfaces, according to The Washington Post, a couple of days after Rich’s murder online in a “sketchy” blog called

However, the conspiracy never gained traction between July and the election. Upon reports that began surfacing of the “hit squad” that murdered Rich, alt-right personalities began discussing it as gospel. The major issue is that it was a “news report” placed by the Russians as part of their campaign to cause turmoil in the election.

Later InfoWars and Fox News retracted the conspiracy theories about the Seth Rich Conspiracy and didn’t touch it again. It isn’t surprising to discover that it was one of those Russian meddling stories that made the alt-right turn out for Trump. Yet, many conservatives hate Clinton for whatever reason. I don’t mean dislike, but truly hate them.

This brings up to the upcoming 2020 election. While many of these types of stories will come up again, there will be many that continue to believe the Seth Rich conspiracy theory type of news. Unsubstantiated. Debunked, Even an outright lie. Yet, conservatives thrive on being fearful of the future. That somehow it is going to take away who they are. If you live in angry, and it is mostly because you regret the choices you made in the past, wishing you could have changed things – that is how the conservatives see anyone outside their ecosystem. Between being hopeful that we can be better or think evil about someone else – I’ll take being hopeful.

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