Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer

With the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story a little more than a month away from coming to theaters, it is important that we had a solid trailer for the film. As the original trailer for the movie came out just after the completion of principal production, it was fairly clear that new director, Ron Howard, probably didn’t compose it.

The latest trailer manages to give the trailer a tone and feel. Originally, I was skeptical about the original teaser trailer. However, with the release of this trailer, it has managed to ease some of the concerns that I originally had. It is fairly clear that Howard is making this a space adventure, rather than the comedy the previous directors were going for.

Not to mention we managed to get a better glimpse of the supporting cast, more Lando was necessary. The film looks like more of a traditional Star Wars film that people were hounding about. The Last Jedi was something different, but fans decided that is not what they wanted. My hopes are modest. I am looking for a fun and solid good time.

Solo: A Star Wars Movie opens on May 25th.

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