Sony is Too Good For Everyone Else It Seems

While we have heard news that Sony will allow cross play with Fortnite it was only after a long battle fought. Sony kept insisting to it’s fan base that they don’t need cross platform and they’re just fine staying on brand with Sony. Some of you might say this sounds familiar. You may say, gee, Microsoft/Nintendo/someone else did the same exact thing! While you’re 100% correct you’re missing the point.

Nintendo and Microsoft announced they would be running a few titles cross platform, namely Fortnite and Minecraft. This, for obvious reasons, got gamers excited at the prospect of playing with friends that have a different console. Sony however decided to not join in on the fun, stating they have no interest in allowing there player base to be tainted by a competitor’s network. And while that may sound dramatic it’s actually pretty accurate to what was said surprisingly. Why did they do this? I can only speculate however it seems pretty obvious.

It may be lonely on the top but Sony likes the quiet.

Sony is pushing PlayStation’s like it’s there divine calling. Microsoft is holding second while Nintendo is creeping up from the back. It would seem like they don’t want to play with others because they feel they don’t have to, and to be honest, they really don’t. They’re are plenty of players on its network to play with. In Sony’s eyes this whole cross platform nonsense only helps there competitors.

Not only that but Sony always does things a little off color. The PSOne retro console is a ridiculous idea and everyone knows it (even if they don’t want to admit it.) Streaming video games instead of just letting people download what they pay for is silly and we only have to look back a generation to see Sony sitting firmly in second place.

Now they are going to allow cross platform gaming (for select titles) and they’ll be praised for it by the general populous. However, there will be those like myself that will remember the truth. Sony only did this to save face and if there was any way to avoid it without looking like assholes they would have took it.

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