Spider-Man 3 Has The Clickbait Machine Working Hard

There are many issues with Disney taking over Fox properties, regarding the MCU. Not one of those problems are with Marvel or Disney. The problems exist among Marvel fans, more like Marvel movie sites that have nothing to print since Avengers: Endgame came out and Spider-Man: Far From Home comes out in July. So, the clickbait machine began manufacturing rumors regarding that somehow Marvel is in a rush to add Deadpool or Venom into the MCU.

A couple of weeks ago, a no-name MCU site began circulating a story that many people started reporting. A complete clickbait story that involved that Marvel was anxious to rush the introduction of Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There is really no evidence to support this theory, except the site claiming “a most-reliable source who has delivered 100% for me in the past”, but yet offers no evidence to the reader that would support that claim. Supposedly, the reader must offer blind trust in the writer.

They offer three options to bring the Merc with a Mouth into the MCU:

  • A new solo film, such as Deadpool 3.
  • A Disney+ limited series.
  • Guest-starring in Spider-Man 3.

It has been reported countless times that Kevin Feige isn’t rushing those characters into their universe. They plan things out in phases, which we currently have several untitled movies planned for the next few years, so if they offer those characters – it won’t be for a while. So, we know that story is BS.

However, other sites have been reporting that as BS and then claim that Sony wants to add Venom into the Spider-Man’s second sequel. This should be a non-story since Sony and Marvel both claimed that the Venom movie was not within the same universe as the MCU’s Spider-Man. Not to mention, he isn’t named in the movie at all. But, the mere mention of him, including debunking the rumor gets clicks.

Yet, the site gives credit to a person that had been very accurate about their Avenger: Endgame rumors, but it was more common sense than anything else. Even the notion that Sony could do this is ridiculous. It would be more reasonable to believe that someone said it as a wish, but someone took it as gospel. Spider-Man is on loan to Marvel because of their financial arrangement with Sony. Spider-Man: Far From Home will make a lot of money for Sony post-Endgame. Spider-Man 3 is a long way off.

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