Spotify Price Increase

For the second time in less than a year, Spotify price increase is coming. The last price hike was one to two dollar last July. However, this time, they are raising them another one to two dollars. This is the latest of price increases that we are seeing across the broad in tech. This shouldn’t be anything new, as we were alerted about this back in April.

If you are the only one using Spotify, you will see the least damage. The individual plan will be raised to $1. Making it $12, instead of the current $11. The Dou plan is seeing a bigger increase of $2. Raising the price from $15 to $17 a month.

Spotify price increase hits more for families

The Family plan is being jacked up a big $3. Going from $17 to $20 monthly. I know some people that use the family plan, which is more expensive than Apple Music. Apple Music for individuals is still $11, but that could change. Especially now that Spotify has raised their prices.

The reason for the increase comes off the heels of Spotify adding audiobooks to their service. This is something that Spotify has tried before by purchasing many podcasts. That tactic hasn’t borne much fruit as many have shuttered and been discontinued.

Premium subscribers should receive an email from Spotify in the next month detailing the price hike and providing a link to cancel their plan if they would prefer to do so. Users currently on a trial period for Spotify will get one month at $11 after it ends before being moved up to a $12 monthly fee.

Like many things in life now, streaming ad-free music will become a luxury item. Many people are reverting back to the ad-supported content as prices are making them expendable.

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