Standalone Switch Pink and Green Joy-Con Controllers Coming

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It is important to understand that multicolored controllers, for any console, are fairly benign. When Nintendo launched their Switch last year, it was limited in the color options for their Joy-Con pads. It seems that Nintendo will be releasing the Neon Green and Neon Pink controllers “later this month”. So, if you are looking for more fun color options, now is your chance to grab a set.

Originally, these colors were available in the Splatoon 2 bundle which was exclusively released for Walmart stores in September. According to Polygon, that only applied to the U.S. market. The green and pink controllers have been available separately in Europe and Japan for a while now.

It is important to note that the Joy-Con controllers that were imported or the one from the Splatoon 2 bundle colors are flipped. That, also, means that if you have the Splatoon 2 or imported Joy-Con controllers, you can interchange them to have one all green and the other all pink.

As for the import option, it seems that you would be able to grab them for about $90. That is $10 higher than the rather expensive Joy-Con controllers go for. It is important to note that the Joy-Con controllers will need to come down in price if the console is to be a bigger hit. $80 for a pair of controllers is rather expensive when the basic controllers for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are around $60 to $65 respectively.

While Nintendo did tease the fan base that the combo is coming, they did not mention a price or release date. So, you will be forced to scan your Twitter feed daily for concrete release dates for those items. Don’t you worry yourself about it either. We will keep on top of that and give you some news when it become available.

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