Star Trek Discovery: “Into The Forest I Go” (Winter Finale)

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After nine episodes, Star Trek: Discovery concludes its fall season with “Into The Forest I Go”. The Discovery is attempting to save the planet that mistakenly contacted the Klingons to bring peace. Michael is looking to make right what she did in episode one. Ash has some serious PTSD and grows closer to Michael.

The spore drive takes its toll on Paul but he is driven by duty to perform a dangerous procedure. The episode is full of story and moves all the characters. It does manage to bring in some action but it ends too early. The episode is allowed to linger and the cliffhanger doesn’t resonate. It seems to end a bit quick. However, the lack of information to make a compelling cliffhanger is a bit bothersome.

As the first part of the first season, Star Trek: Discovery does manage to bring you along for the ride. The characters become compelling and relatable. The darker depths of Captain Lorca are something left hanging but you know there is something more to him. Overall, the series ends on a higher note that it started on. Discovery has made a major improvement that I will return with it in January.



Music: Star Trek (dubstep) – AH Da Time


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