Star Trek: Discovery Season Three Reveal Bleak Future

One the first ever Star Trek Day, panel from the various incarnations of the shows came together for a digital panel. CBS All Access was home to the festivities, having a marathon of episodes form the entire franchise, but it helped promote the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery season three. It did not fail to disappoint, as they released the final trailer for the season, which drops on October 15. 

When I say, “did not fail to disappoint”, that depends on which side of the Trek fence you’re on. If you are a true fan of the franchise, not just the Next Gen” series, you are probably enjoying it and looking to see how the new world pays off. If you are someone that complains about “social justice” within Trek, you were never a fan to begin with. No one is gonna watch your YouTube video about how the show is failing since season one and is already going onto season four.  

If you’ve been saying that, you may need new sources. 

In any case, Star Trek Discovery season three trailer takes us right after the moments of season two. We appear to see the ship crash land on a planet and find a whole different future. The Federation has collapsed. The universe took a “hard left turn and Discovery is about to bring hope back to the galaxy. Which is something we have never seen before. 

I want to hear the haters complain about what is or isn’t canon anymore. Mostly because it is in the thirtieth century, so all rules are off. However, many will want to learn what happened in the past to bring them to this future. Unfortunately, in human history, destruction of our way of life has dotted our evolution.  

Someone with a nifty idea, making you think your life sucks, has a powerful impact. Instead of restoring the timeline, our heroes will have to bring back what they knew to these people. Obviously, there is a lot we don’t know, but we will have to tune in on October 15, 2020 on CBS All Access to find out.