Star Trek Picard Teaser Trailer Arrives

There is something about fast-tracking a project. As much as Star Trek haters are taking up YouTube storage space with anti-CBS/Star Trek vlogs about how horrible Star Trek: Discovery is and the new Picard series is doomed to failure due to CBS’ own personal hatred toward the franchise (which makes no sense), Star Trek: Picard has moved from an announcement from last August about the potential series, to having begun production back in April.

Twenty-five years after Star Trek: The Next Generation said goodbye to television audiences, CBS All Access released the teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard series. Obviously, Patrick Stewart has made it clear that he would only return to the character if the character had changed from the original television and movie character. Apparently, he is a shadow of the former man that we grew up knowing as the pinnacle of Starfleet.

When you do the math, the fifteen-years referred to in the trailer is about a year after Star Trek: Nemesis, which is what illustrated the end of the voyages of the Net Gen crew. Riker and Troi has gotten married. Riker was taking command of his own ship, and Data had made a personal sacrifice. So, the question lies in what happened in that year since. What made him leave Starfleet? What made him decide that it wasn’t his future anymore?

CBS is really bringing out the advertising guns to promo this upcoming series, which doesn’t have a release window yet. Some sites are claiming that it could come out late 2019, which seems logical, since the series is slated to film for five months. Not to mention, it would go a long way in filling the gap between Star Trek: Discovery left when it completed its second season.

While many “Star Trek fans” hope this and Discovery fail, it just goes to show that the franchise is doing well enough for the service to keep developing new content. Unlike those “fans”, CBS wouldn’t produce new content if it wasn’t doing well. That’s how television (even streaming) works. Just ask Netflix.

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